It seems as though dry fly fishing is becoming a lost art. No longer do anglers spend days, weeks, or even years mastering the art of a stealthy prese...View Details

Best. Fishing. Ever.  This trip is really spectacular. We'll be personally hosting these each summer, so if you have EVER thought about doing this tri...View Details

At a the hotel bar in Mexico we chat about the happenings of the week.  Excuse my language, I was excited and a had a couple of drinks.  Our crew had ...View Details

Come explore a guide's tackle bag and listen to what secrets are inside this thing.  We'll chat about flies, tools, floatant, indicators, and more.  H...View Details

Let's make this simple.  Euro Style Nymphing (dead drifting nymphs without a float/indicator) is damn effective. So much so every competitive fisherma...View Details

On this episode we review a few things from the weekend's Trout Spey clinics and the fishing from the week, along with a preview of the Red's Rendezvo...View Details

This is a great book!  I just love the quotes and the amazing knowledge of these ol' fellas in this book.  I'll be doing about one of these a week and...View Details

Today I share a local fishing report and answer lots of questions including some good ones about spring bass fishing.

There are many misconceptions about "spey vs. switch rods".  What's the difference?  In this Podcast I'll disect the difference between the two and tr...View Details

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