Episode 21 - Trout Tackle Talk

June 2, 2018

Come explore a guide's tackle bag and listen to what secrets are inside this thing.  We'll chat about flies, tools, floatant, indicators, and more.  Helpful links to some products:

Fishpond Cutbank Gear Bag - http://www.redsflyfishing.com/Fishpond-CUTBANK-GEAR-BAG-p/cgb-y.htm

Fishpond Headgate Tippet Holder - http://www.redsflyfishing.com/searchresults.asp?Search=headgate&Submit=

Dr. Slick Scissor Clamps - http://www.redsflyfishing.com/searchresults.asp?Search=scissor+clamps&Submit=

Caddis, Caddis, CADDIS - http://www.redsflyfishing.com/Ultimate-Caddis-Pack-Dry-Flies-Pupae-and-Emerg-p/rfa-2626-caddi.htm

Strike Indicator Variety Pack - http://www.redsflyfishing.com/Strike-Indicator-Variety-Pack-p/strike-indicator-vp.htm

RIO Versileader Kit - http://www.redsflyfishing.com/RIO-10-Spey-VersiLeader-Kit-p/6-24224.htm



Episode 20 - ESN Tackle Basics

May 8, 2018

Let's make this simple.  Euro Style Nymphing (dead drifting nymphs without a float/indicator) is damn effective. So much so every competitive fisherman does it!  The problem is getting started can be daunting. There is simply too much info out there.  Hopefully this Podcast will help you make sense of some of this.

Rods Mentioned:

ECHO Shadow II Czech Nymphing Rod

Redington Hydrogen Rod (11' 3 Weight)



Episode 19 - Wisdom of the Guides & Rendezvous IX Preview

March 5, 2018

On this episode we review a few things from the weekend's Trout Spey clinics and the fishing from the week, along with a preview of the Red's Rendezvous IX coming up on April 20th - 22nd, 2018.  We'll follow up with a summary of a Wisdom of the Guides chapter featuring Craig Mathews.  


Episode 18 - Wisdom of the Guides - Gary LaFontaine

January 31, 2018

This is a great book!  I just love the quotes and the amazing knowledge of these ol' fellas in this book.  I'll be doing about one of these a week and I hope you enjoy listening to me quoting these interviews. 

You can purchase this book online, we don't currently sell it at Red's. 


Episode 17 - Fishing Report, Q & A, Rendezvous

January 19, 2018

Today I share a local fishing report and answer lots of questions including some good ones about spring bass fishing.


Episode 15 - Spey vs. Switch Rods - What’s the diff?

January 12, 2018

There are many misconceptions about "spey vs. switch rods".  What's the difference?  In this Podcast I'll disect the difference between the two and try to help listeners make some strategic decisions on what they should be casting. 



Episode 14 - Q and A - Listener Questions!

January 5, 2018

Here I am.  Q and A for the listeners and I attempted to answer everyone's questions.  I'll be making another post next week and we'll get a few more questions answered and "Mend" your fishing haha.  You see what I did there.  Tight Lines and enjoy the Podcast. 


Episode 13 - Guide Competition and Fringe Season Fishing

November 29, 2017

Today I sit riverside with Steve Joyce, one of the owners and founders of Red's, and we recap the "Red's Guide Shootout" or something like that. Not sure exactly what we were doing yesterday but our staff competed in 2 person teams in Sporting Clays, 1 Hour Competitive Fishing, Casting Competition, and a Top Chef Contest! In addition we'll give lots of tips for fringe season fishing. It was a ton of fun and great learning experience for all of us to be together talking shooting, casting, fishing, and shore lunch prep. 


Episode 12 - Trout Spey with Tom Larimer

September 28, 2017

We chat trout spey gear, strategy, lifestyle, and the new Loomis IMX PRO short spey rods with Tom Larimer and Jacob Zirkle from G Loomis.  Trout spey is an awesome way to fish, but also hone your two-handed casting skills.