Bass is said to be "America's Fish".  They are abundant, resilient, and super fun to fish for.  Listen to this podcast and purchase a basic gear set. ...View Details

Red's Rendezvous:

Rivers, lakes, spring creeks, small rivers, glacial rivers, glacial lakes, good wine, brown trout and ADVENTURE.  This was one hell of a week, please ...View Details

Link to Skwala Fly Patterns:   Link to Our "Skwala Special" Guided Trips https://www.redsflys...View Details

Anglers listen up.  You don't have to buy the latest and greatest floating device to have a great time on the water and productive fishing. Start smal...View Details

Learn the truth about rod weight, length, type, and style in this Podcast "The Truth About Fly Rods".  Here are links to some of the rods mentioned in...View Details

Get prepared for warming conditions this spring by evaluating where you are at gear wise and fly wise.  You'll thank me later.  Anglers should be capa...View Details

View Tackle and Links On the Powerhour Blog: For some there is no "off seas...View Details

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